I've never been a "drinking game" kind of guy.  I could never get passed the idea that my punishment for messing up or losing a round would be drinking.  It's pretty much the only reason I'm at the party.  To drink!

But there have been plenty of rounds of flippy cup, or beer pong to get the party going.  Three Man was the popular one when I was growing up even though I couldn't tell you the first thing about how to play.

They recently did a study for the Most Popular Drinking Games in each state.  It came down to eight games which I'll list in order of popularity:

Popular Games:

  • Beer Pong
  • Paranoia
  • Quarters
  • Spin the Bottle
  • Screw the Dealer
  • Ride the Bus
  • Drunk Jenga
  • Chandelier

I'm not familiar with half of those.  Actually, many of them sound made up...like when the New York Times called SubPop Records in the 90's and they gave them a list of bogus Grunge Slang that they ended up printing.

But, I digress.  Here's how they figured out which games were popular according to ShaneCo.com:

"In our study, we used Google Trends search volume to analyze the most popular drinking game in every state between November 2020 and 2021. Nineteen different drinking games were taken into account — from flip cup to king’s cup to drunk Jenga, there are tons of popular drinking games to kick off your party with a blissful, buzzed bang. Just be sure to drink responsibly!"

Popular Games in Iowa and Illinois

Turns out Illinois' favorite drinking game is Screw the Dealer.

While Iowa's favorite drinking game is Drunk Jenga.

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