A driver left mounties up in British Columbia confused and speechless earlier this month, and they couldn't help but share a photo of the heap of metal they were looking at.

The photo shows a small flatbed truck with no passenger-side door or seatbelts. The back of the truck is also open, with nearly the entirety of the seat backs exposed.

B.C. Highway Patrol told CTV News Vancouver in a statement that the driver was stopped on Highway 3A near Castlegar on April 14th.

"Letting the photo speak the 1,000+ words," Cpl. Mike Halskov said about the tweet, which they knew didn't need any caption.

When they stopped the truck, the driver informed officers that he was on his way to pick up a kid from one of the local schools.

Mounties said they the truck, or half of a truck, "was removed from the road permanently."

Of course, the driver was handed multiple tickets. He didn't have insurance, had a defective vehicle, had no seatbelts, and had no luck producing a driver's license.

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