Police in Ohio had a case this last week that just shows how versatile 911's services can be for their community.

Cops were called to a residence in Erie County, Ohio to settle a domestic dispute over an African Sideneck Turtle.

According to the police report, 28-year-old Devin Staugh left his turtle with his parents when he went out of town for a few days with his girlfriend.

“Devin stated that he was now there to retrieve the turtle with his parents refusing to return the turtle to him," report says.

Staugh claimed he had receipts for the turtle, as well as backdating Instagram posts showing he had owned the turtle for at least a year.

His parents, of course, had a different story.

“Both advised their son...had requested the couple keep his turtle as he was going to be incarcerated and unable to care for the turtle," the report states.

According to police records, Staugh was arrested at the end of February for misdemeanor assault and domestic violence counts before being freed on bond.

His mother told the officer that the turtle wasn't in good health when they took it in, and they even had to take it to get looked at by a vet. They say he was more than aware that they were taking full custody of the African Sideneck Turtle.

Staugh's turtle will be remaining with his parents, who say that he's no longer allowed at their house or property. Devin left without incident or his turtle.

Read more at The Smoking Gun

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