What is more annoying than your neighbor's dog barking? How about your neighbor's parrot screaming "HELP ME! HELP ME!"

Police in the UK were surprised when they responded to an alarming call. What they thought was an elderly woman in distress ended up being a parrot yelling "HELP" from inside a house.

“The parrot in the living room talks!” reads the tweet, with a photo of a West Midlands Police officer posing with the bird.

The incident occurred Wednesday evening when police received a call about an elderly woman "shouting for help" from inside a house.

When police arrived at the scene they busted down the door only to find an empty house with a parrot sitting in the corner of the living room.

Shortly after the son of the house arrived and informed the police that the bird was the one making all the noise.

“Hopefully we don’t have any more calls relating to naughty Parrots!” wrote police in a Tweet.

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Similar Incident

Back in 2020, this exact same thing happened with a Parrot in Florida. Police rushed to a house after neighbors reported hearing a woman screaming inside, only to be introduced to a green parrot named Rambo that had been taught to say “Help! Help!” and “Let me out!”

Here is a video from the house camera.


Brian Davenport: Plot twist: Rambo was mocking the actual victim trapped in the house.

Sandman10372: Barky dogs, screaming parrot...it must be a JOY to live next to this guy.

AH!WITPIYM: That parrot is a troll. He stopped screaming as soon as the cops arrived.

R Boyd: The moment you realize that you taught him something you shouldn't have...

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