A man in Virginia was just arrested, after robbing a man at knifepoint in a McDonald's three months ago.  And at the time, he had three parrots with him:  Two on his hat, and one perched on his shoulder.

The Bird Bandit

The incident reportedly occurred in a McDonald's in Fairfax, Virginia, on August 22, but Rios was not arrested until nearly three months later.

The police allege that during the robbery, Rios wore two parrots on the brim of his cowboy hat and a third on his shoulder. Following the crime, he was caught on CCTV in a nearby convenience store still with the three parrots.

Rios is currently being held without bail and is facing charges of robbery.

News Clip Of The Bird Bandit

Comments Under The Video

Most people in the comments had a funny comment to add to the story, while others were worried about what would happen to the birds after the man was taken to jail.

"Poor birds. Now 3 birds will need new homes!"

"I wonder if they will charge the birds as accomplices."

"Them birds made him rob the bank and McDonalds."
"One of the parrots could be heard yelling, 'Marie? Marie? Do you know Marie? Where's Marie?'"
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