Eddie Spaghetti, a rescue dog found abandoned after a month of wandering around in Benton City, Washington was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor that caused him to be blind in one eye. He was given 6 months to a year to live.

His owner, Kristi Kesler, contacted Mikey's Chance Canine Rescue to come up with a bucket list for her little guy. They settled on getting his picture taken with a police car, but Pasco Police had a better idea.

Eddie was given a custom made uniform with real police patches, he was sworn in to "Apprehend bad guys, search out narcotics and put people in jail," and spent the day on patrol.


Detective Julie Lee took Eddie under her wing for the day, and took him to his first call, a "Service to pick up property" call, at a nearby autobody shop. Upon arriving, he received a gift basket with treats, food, toys, and a donation to his veterinarian bills.

Detecte Lee took Eddie for coffee and donuts, because what kind of police officer would he be otherwise?


Eddie's bucket list wasn't over yet, other people in the community have pitched in to cross things off the bucket list. He's had his picture with Santa, and gotten to play in a pool full of stuffed animals. Kristi hopes to get him a ride in the sidecar of a motorcycle, and be the kisser in a kissing booth.

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