An ex-con with a pretty long rap sheet who is prohibited from carrying a handgun had a Smith & Wesson pistol stashed in his prison wallet when he was booked into jail early Monday morning, according to a report from Indiana police report.

32-year-old Christopher Boyd was a passenger in a vehicle pulled over around 2am for driving with an obstructed license plate. The driver and a second passenger were eventually released, after being searched by Evansville cops.

Evansville Police Department
Evansville Police Department

A pat down of Boyd turned up "a small bag with multiple pills" in his right sock. Boyd said he got the narcotics from his "Aunt Trish" and believed the pills to be Percocet. He said he was taking them "because he has a bullet lodged in his spine.”

Before being placed in a cruiser, Boyd was searched, but he claimed to be unable to spread his legs very far because of his spine injury. “While searching in Boyd’s groin area, Boyd tensed up,” the report reads. The officer asked if he had “anything stuffed in his groin or buttocks," but he stated he did not.

Upon his arrival at the county jail, Boyd “was now walking with a limp and appeared to be clenching his buttocks when he walked.” Boyd was then placed through a body scanner which detected a "large object" in his groin area. Police conducted a strip search, and located two plastic bags containing marijuana “tucked next to Boyd’s scrotum.”


Police then went after the unknown item located in Boyd's rectum. Boyd continued to clench his butt, an officer was “was able to see that the object Boyd had in his rectum was a handgun.” The weapon was removed and placed into a police car.

The report didn't state whether or not the gun was loaded.

The gun confiscated was a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard, a .380 caliber gun weighing 12 ounces and is about five inches long. According to their website, as The Smoking Gun points out, the advertising says the gun is “perfectly suited for concealed carry."

Due to prior convictions for attempted murder, burglary, and domestic battery, Boyd is classified as a “Serious Violent Felon and Domestic Batterer," which does bar him from possessing a firearm.

Charged with felony drug, gun, and trafficking charges, Boyd was booked into Vanderburgh County jail where he's held without bond.

Read more at The Smoking Gun

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