A seven hour standoff ended with an unexpected result for police in Garbutt, Australia.

Around 11am on Thursday, the police received a call that a 30-year-old man had threatened a neighbor with a firearm.

Officers responded swiftly, and locked down the neighborhood. They even issued an emergency declaration, warning all nearby locals to avoid the area.

A standoff ensued, with officers outside the house for a full seven hours. After no responses inside the home, they raided the house to nab the suspect.

After searching the house top to bottom, it became clear to them nobody was home at all, and hadn't been from the start. They didn't even find a gun in the home.

Some hours into the siege, police gave a press conference where they stated they “had yet to make contact with the suspect”.

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“Police have no evidence to suggest he’s left the scene, and at the same time we’ve got no evidence to suggest he’s still one hundred per cent at the dwelling,” Inspector Roger Whyte told 7News.

It was seemingly all for nothing, but the owner of the home is still wanted by police for a variety of property related crimes.

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