It's peak cookie season, and one of the biggest cookies producers is warning everyone to take a chill pill so we don't run out.

Pepperidge Farms is warning that they're facing shortages of Milano and Chessman.

In a meeting with investors, CEO Mark Clouse, blamed the shortage on a COVID induced increase in demand while having a COVID induced labor shortage.

According to a report from Top Data, American's cookie consumption had increased by 25% since March, with 1 in 5 eating 3 or more cookies a day.

Pepperidge Farms is facing even more issues keeping up with demand, because they don't use third-party manufacturers for the uniquely shaped cookies. This makes it harder for the company to ramp up production to meet the high demand.

“We’ve prioritized increasing supply and are already leveraging capacity opportunities across the network to meet increases in demand and maximize availability," the company said.

Hopefully everyone will stop buying everything before it's on the shelves soon, so we can get back to buying what we want, when we want.

Read more at NY Post

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