In Philadelphia, a silly skunk was seen roaming around the neighborhood with its head stuck in a jar of peanut butter.

Willow Grove Montgomery County resident, Christy Chacón, first spotted the skunk in her backyard. She continued to get her girls ready for school, then minutes later when she checked on the skunk, it was spinning in circles in the neighbor's yard.

"We went out to look at it, and it's just spinning in circles, and I'm telling her, 'I don't know what to do, we have to call animal control,'" she said.

The peanut butter skunk then made its way back to her yard. She decided to film the skunk trying to free itself.

"This is what skunks get when they have a night of debauchery, going through the neighborhood trash can. You get your head stuck in a peanut butter jar," said Jose Chacón.

Most people think skunks only eat bugs, however, they will eat leaves, buds, grasses, grains, garbage, any fruit or berries within reach, and even small game. By a google search, skunks seem to have a habit of getting their head stuck in garbage items. Here is a skunk with its head stuck in what looks like a chocolate milk carton.


Here is another skunk with its head stuck in a Starbucks Coffee Cup.

As you can see, these animals are highly intelligent.

The peanut butter skunk is doing fine and was unharmed, maybe a little traumatized, and no longer has an appetite for peanut butter, but it's fine.

The neighbors now have a funny story to tell and can laugh about.

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