I'm not saying I condone ruining someone's hair because it's bothering you, but I am saying that people need to do a better job of minding personal space on flights, but also being aware of their surroundings.

A video has surfaced of a woman who was on a flight that featured the screens for in-flight movies, but she wasn't able to watch anything because of the woman in front of her. The other passenger continually flipped her hair over the back of the seat, fully blocking the seat's screen, all while continuing to watch the movie showing on her own screen.

Our passenger's reaction in the video is to secretly stick multiple pieces of gum in her hair, flattening them out and balling hair around the gum, to give it maximum difficulty when it comes to the removal.

She even goes as far as dipping the poor woman's hair in coffee, which I'm sure adds difficulty to the gum removal, but also an undesirable smell after a short amount of time.

Be better, people. You can say "Excuse me, your hair is blocking my screen," or you can grab a flight attendant if you're too shy to make the move to ask.

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