Well this might be the first time we've seen criminals get busted because of an empty jar of spaghetti sauce.

28-year-old John Silva and 36-year-old Derrick Irving broke into a guy's house in DeLand, Florida early Tuesday morning. After they stole some stuff, they decided to cover their tracks by starting a fire.

They wanted it to look accidental, so they poured a jar of Ragu into a pot on the stove and put a washcloth next to the burner to set the place on fire. Then they left.

The guy who lived in the house was at work, but he could watch his security cameras remotely. After his motion detectors alerted him that something was going down, he saw the footage and called the cops.

They pulled over John and Derrick and saw one key piece of evidence linking them to the crime, the empty jar of Ragu. They were both arrested for unarmed burglary, grand theft, and arson.

Fortunately, the fire plan didn't work. There was some smoke damage, but the house didn't burn down.

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