A 20-year-old man identified as Mauricio Damian-Guerrero was arrested by New Hampshire Law Enforcement for breaking into the home of a woman he met on OnlyFans.

Damian-Guerrero drove 400 miles to break into the home (which he had done several times before) and filmed the woman while she slept nude. He hid up in the attic to avoid getting caught.

The Somersworth Police responded to a call back in February around 4 AM from a resident on Highland Street. The woman caller told police that she had awakened to a man standing in the doorway of her bedroom staring at her. When Police arrived at the home, they spotted a male suspect on the roof. Roof Man was taken into custody and charged with Burglary. After further investigation, this is what police found out about the man...

Mauricio Damian-Guerrero, the suspect, is from Bensalem, Pennsylvania. He met the woman through OnlyFans, a social media platform in which creators share content with "fans" who pay subscription fees. The site is commonly used in a sexual nature.

The unnamed woman told Police she had met Damian-Guerrero in person 4 months ago. He had offered to buy her a new TV and a fireplace, so she gave him the address to her previous New Hampshire apartment for delivery.

The woman reported that she had found him sleeping in his car outside of her apartment several times. After that, she began staying at her mother's house, which is where Damian-Guerrero was found on the roof.

Police say Damian-Guerrero broke into the mother's home with a crowbar, stole and copied a house key, and was in and out of the home several times.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

The woman had suspicions of a break-in after she noticed an open window and saw her keys went missing and then suddenly reappeared later in the week. She told investigators that she searched the attic and found food, headphones, and cups filled with urine.

Police searched Damian-Guerrero's cell phone and found videos of the woman sleeping naked. Damian-Guerrero admitted to lifting up the bottom portion of her sheets but denied any awareness of a very young child sleeping in the bed. The woman had no idea she was being recorded.

Damian-Guerrero claimed the woman had told him she "wanted a man to be obsessed with her and stalk her," police said, according to Phillyvoice. He had also planned to tape a tracking device to the woman's car so he could track her movements.

Damian-Guerrero was taken to the Strafford County House of Corrections but was released after posting a bond of $2,500. Damian-Guerrero must now wear a tracking bracelet and is prohibited from entering the state of New Hampshire or contacting the woman through any medium, according to LawandCrime.

Read more at Lawandcrime and PhillyVoice

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