If you'd have asked anybody back in the late-70's/early-80's whether they thought David Crosby would make it to age 70, most would have said "no way" ... but today he's 73.  He's had quite a life and career... founding member of the Byrds who influenced just about everybody, on/off routinely with Stills-Nash-Young, diabetic, biological father to Melissa Etheridge's children, a slightly above-average arrest record, liver transplant recipient, a brother that killed himself.... and a favorite bit of eloquent data, the official expulsion document from an elementary school ... "asked not to return due to lack of academic progress.."

He's always been political, and this weekend you can hear some more of his views on a download-able "Dinner Party" broadcast that is appearing on several public radio/TV stations nationally.  Don't expect conservatism.   But on his birthday, I gotta hand it to him... I didn't think he'd make it this far either.  So today David Crosby fans, I salute you!