Saturday night my band, Folk n' Stages (which consists of Jeremy Folk, my cousin Bob Stage and me...thus "Folk n' Stages") played at Markham's Saloon in Charlotte, IA.

The bar has only been open a few, it's got that new bar smell...but man, it's a great little place!  It's an old time saloon, complete with swinging doors and guns for toilet paper holders...which I assume is period accurate.


And the food!  I was afraid my drummer would be in a food coma before we played, but we made it through!

I invented a new drinking game, that I hope catches on at Markham's.  The bathrooms are barn doors.  So they don't swing...they slide!  Being on stage is great when you're a people watcher like every time someone would use the restroom...they would pull on the door and be confused until someone yelled "Don't Pull...Slide!".


Our buddy John Doyle & his wife Jenny who both play in Barncore Betty (great band!) came out & John put together this little wrap up video of the night!


Markham's Saloon is a great little destination bar!  Take a road trip up north and tell them we said "hi."  Especially when they get this patio up & running!

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