I get made fun of for being on TikTok.  I have to explain to everyone that I'm not watching the latest dance craze or lip-syncing my favorite pop song when I'm on the app.

The best part about TikTok is the algorithm is so freaking good.  It truly learns what kind of videos you like and then feeds them to you until you forget you're supposed to have that report typed up and turned in to your boss or just until your legs fall asleep and you realize you should get off the pot.

My TikTok algorithm feeds me guitar videos, DIY home improvement videos, people getting hit with baseballs in the face, and if I'm being completely honest...there's a fair share of booty vids that I don't complain about.

It also feeds me pizza places that are dripping with 80s nostalgia.

@linzesfartsandcrafts The more you look the more you see 😱🍕 #pizza #pizzeria #90skids #80shorror #vintage #memorabilia #throwback #fypage #pizzalover #oldschool #illinois #adaptivereuse #architecture ♬ School's Out - Alice Cooper

There's a place just a short drive from the Quad Cities that has turned the former elementary school into a pizza place.  Nostalgia around every nook & cranny.

"Old School Pizza" is in Malta, Illinois, and has some great names for a few of their pizzas:

  • The Godfather - Italian beef pizza,
  • The Diana Ross - Supreme pizza
  • The Eastwood- BBQ Bacon pizza
  • The Weird Al super duper cheesy supreme
  • Where The Buffalo Roam - Buffalo Chicken pizza

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