I've got a middle school daughter so I hear words and have to pretend I know what they mean so she doesn't think I'm lamer & more out of touch than I already am.

Then I run off to the bathroom and google the term so I can use "dogwater" correctly next time.

I'm also on TikTok...but I'm on "dad's" TikTok which means the algorithm feeds me things like how to draw a perfect circle on a piece of plywood and NOT the dance craze or the new "F" face.  (I fear for our future)

For instance, I recently noticed her saying "sheesh" in a high pitch voice and pointing to her arm.  To my surprise this was not a drug reference a quick google search found out that it originated from a basketball player who pointed to his arm and said he had "ice in his veins".

I can't keep up.

So, now...there's a new term I have yet to hear from either child.  So, I'm eager to spring this one on them when they think they're being cool.

There's a new term from TikTok for the opposite of trendy:  "Cheugy."   (choo-gee)  The definition on Urban Dictionary is, "The opposite of trendy.  Stylish in middle school and high school but no longer in style.  Used when someone still follows these out of date trends . . . including fashion, habits on social media, slang, etc."


Some other examples are t-shirts with phrases like "Yes way, rosé" . . . Herbal Essences shampoo . . . the wooden signs you see at craft stores that say things like, "Home.  Heart.  Love." . . . and "girlboss" mugs.

And yes.  Rock & roll DJs are cheugy.

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