Most fun things are canceled this year.  For instance there's no real Oktoberfest going on this year.  Sure...I wasn't actually going to fly to Germany anyway but I think we all felt good knowing that people were dressed in lederhosen and pounding brews.

But just because 2020 sucks doesn't mean it can't be great anyway.  Which means there are plenty of Oktoberfest beers popping up all over.

I asked Debbie from @crawfordbrewworks to send a video of their new Oktoberfestbier.

My poor communication skills and chaotic schedule meant that I didn’t get a chance to release this video until now.  Turns out she is actually talking about an event that is in the past...but you should definitely go check out this #CraftBeerOfTheWeek.

She is a natural on camera and should do more of these for the brewery! Her passion is contagious.  (yes, I'm kissing butt because I screwed up...but I'm also being truthful)

Here's what Debbie has to say about their new "Oktoberfestbier" on tap now!


This time of year, Crawford Brew Works releases a Fest Bier, in celebration of Germany’s Oktoberfest. This is the style that’s been served at the fest since 1990, when it actually takes place. It is a light, pale German-style lager that has a flavorful, minerally mouthfeel experience with a subtle hop kiss at the end. It is light in color and less filling than the standard Marzen that most breweries release this time of year. Brewed several months ago and then lagered for several weeks to allow the yeast time to make it’s magic and have the beer clarity set in.

-Debbie from Crawford Brew Works

By the way...Crawford Brew Works has paired 5 CBW brews with five sweet treats. It's like trick-or-treating for adults. Try the following only at the taproom

  • Oktoberfestbier with Gummy Bears
  • Fuego de Chocolate Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout with Marshmallows
  • Get Off My Lawn IPA with Hot Tamales
  • Pedal Your Ass Off Porter with Peanut Butter Cups
  • Road Rash Raspberry with Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans


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