There's going to be a ton of traffic on I-84 this weekend!  Should be a beautiful weekend to get a cruise in.  Whether you're coming up river to check out the races or heading out to show off your prized possession before the weather turns too cold to crank...Cordova Dragway has a killer weekend ready for you.

Check out high-flying action this weekend at Cordova Dragway in Cordova, Illinois!

Schedule of Events

  • Friday, September's Friday Fun Night with ‘Run What Ya Brung’ quarter-mile fun runs where you can join in or sit back and watch all the action.
  • Then it’s the Oktoberfest of Drag Racing; starting Saturday, September 24, with the World Series Sportsman Finale!

They'll have a Kamper Korner Points Race and the high winding gear jammin’ Ozark Mountain Super Shifters!

  • Then Sunday, September 25, it's the Ironman Classic and Cordova Dragway points Championships!

Tickets & Admission

Friday admission is twelve dollars and fifteen dollars on Saturday or Sunday

More info at

The season’s not over yet...they're still crowning champions at Cordova Dragway

Dragweek Unofficial Stop

Swing in to Twisted Shifterz 360-Steel on Hwy 84 in Fulton on your way to Cordova Dragway. You can check out this photo op with The Standard pumps.

It brings you back to yesteryear, when someone would pump gas for you and clean your windshield while you when in and grabbed a cold pop.

Here's one with Dan Driscoll's 36 Dodge. "Original truck still with the ol 6 banger and he cruises it a lot!"

Twisted Shifterz
Twisted Shifterz

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