Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie has made a big announcement on Facebook.

"I am beyond excited to announce, that due to the remarkable growth of Oh So Sweet and the unwavering support the Quad Cities has shown us over the last 8 1/2 years, that WE ARE EXPANDING!"

The bakery will be closing the Main Street location and opening up a bigger, brand new location at 210 East 2nd street in Downtown Davenport.

Tiphanie the owner is very excited about her growing business saying, "A brand new space means a bigger space and a bigger space means a larger menu, more classes, new outdoor space, different events, more drink options, and stuff for kids!"

For those who are not familiar with the bakery Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie, here is a description:

Oh So Sweet uses old recipes that were passed down through the generations to provide our customers with the best, freshest homemade bakery items that Quad Cities has to offer. We bake cupcakes, cakes, cookies, bars, and whoopie pies just to name a few.
Oh So Sweet is a local baking company that uses the freshest, highest quality ingredients when baking. Every item (from cupcakes to frosting to fillings) is made from scratch. We only use local farm fresh eggs and all of our packaging is made from 100% recycled materials

Commenters Said

In the comment section of the recent Facebook post, many people were happy and excited about this big announcement.

Laurie John Liljequist: "Congratulations to you and your crew Tiphanie! You continue to do great things for our downtown!"

Stacey McClain Rensberger: "I just love your sense of humor! You are amazing! This is very exciting! Congratulations!"


Recent Posts From Tiphanie

The oh-so-famous penis cookie has made its return with a new theme. The BIX!

Tiphanie made cookies to celebrate the 2022 Quad City BIX! The finish line, T-Shirts, and badges are the shapes of the nicely detailed cookies.

Of course, Tiphanie has become quite famous for her genital-shaped cookies, and she still continues to make them.

To order cookies from Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie visit the website ohsosweetbytiphanie.com.

Basketball Gym Turned Into Home For Sale In Indiana

An Indiana couple spent 20 years turning this high-school gym into a home and the house is now on the market for $299,000.

The gym building used to be part of Eastern Hancock High School. It sits on a 3.6-acre lot at the edge of the town of Wilkinson, Indiana. It comes with half of the original basketball court.

The couple Jeff and Christi Broady purchased the gym/house in 2002 for $85,000.

The building is now split into two halves. One half still looks like a gym, equipt with the court, bleachers, and high ceilings. The other half looks like a home, with segmented rooms and two levels.

The owners were able to build walls inside and create new living spaces, such as a kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. They also added windows and doors that led to the other half of the building, where they kept the original basketball gym.

Wilson said he had received four offers thus far. "Not unusual in this market," he said. "There have been well over 20 showings on it."

"The coolest thing is more than half of the gym floor is still gym — the original floor, the original bleachers, the original basketball goal," Wilson added. "I graduated from that gym in 1969. I could tell you where I was sitting."
There is one thing any prospective buyer should know, though: "It still smells like a gym," Wilson said.
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