There's been a lot of wild videos of criminals coming out of New York City lately, but this guy is the first one I've seen and thought "Eh, maybe he deserves to be let go after that."

Adrenaline-inducing video shows a man on the run from the cops making an action movie-style jump from the elevated subway tracks to the rooftop of a business.

Kendall Floyd, 25, was pulled over around the Williamsburg neighborhood Wednesday for driving without a seatbelt.

As the officers approached the video, Kendall Floyd suddenly threw his car door open, hitting one of the police in the arm before taking off running.

Police caught up to him a few blocks later but he still refused to surrender, climbing up a stanchion to the top of the elevated subway tracks.

NUFF via Twitter
NUFF via Twitter

It was from there that he hesitated for a moment, but then jumped from the top of the tracks, as people yelled “Don’t do it, man! It’s not worth it!”


NUFF via Twitter
NUFF via Twitter

Floyd wasn't jumping to hurt himself. No, he just watched too many Tom Cruise movies.

He landed on the roof of a business across the sidewalk, where he had to have cleared at least a 15-foot gap, possibly even pushing 20 feet.

Floyd suffered a leg injury from the jump, and he was caught by police shortly after the video's end.

Kendall Floyd was charged with assault on a police officer, reckless endangerment, official misconduct, false personation, two counts of criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, and a seatbelt violation, according to police.

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