The prediction is that something like 100 million people are going to tune in for at least part of the Super Bowl.  It appears that all the other TV networks realize this and
have given up in trying to counter program Fox and the Super Bowl. Here's a sample of what else you could watch Sunday night:

*CBS--60 Minutes: segments on Pancreatic cancer and the Free the Children organization
*NBC--Dateline NBC: a rerun from June about a woman trapped in a blizzard. Next up they're showing "Little Fockers"
*ABC--America's Funniest Home Videos: rerun from October (any bets it'll have a clip of a dad getting hit in the nuts by his toddler?)
*TBS--Shrek 2
*VH1--Saturday Night Live marathon
*Headline News--Cook You A** Off
*HBO--Doctor Dolittle
*Cinemax--Erin Brokovich
*Univision--Pulp Ficción

Even the shopping channels have tossed in the towel:
*QVC--Judith Ripka's sterling collection
*Mall--Shaun T's T25 Workout
*HSN--the Dermabrush
and some shopping channel called ICTV will be running: "Dr. Ho Relieves Back Pain"