An extraordinary home in Raleigh has added a layer of fascination to this property in North Carolina. The house stands out due to a surprisingly delightful feature that grabbed the internet’s attention— a full-sized pool located in the foyer. It captured imaginations and screens worldwide, earning viral fame through the Instagram account Zillow Gone Wild.

Where Is This House Located?

Situated at 7913 Ebenezer Church Rd, this unique home is adjacent to the tranquil Umstead Park. Nestled on a generous 2.55-acre lot, the property enjoys abundant space. But what makes this property genuinely unique is the spectacular sight that greets the visitors as soon as they step in - a statement-making pool in the foyer that puts even the most extravagant chandeliers and grand staircases to shame.

7913 Ebenezer Church Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612
7913 Ebenezer Church Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612

With a total of 3,576 square feet, this singular home deviates from the conventional design, inviting the observers into an imaginatively vibrant world of real estate possibilities. This property is now under contract, showing not only the readiness of buyers to accept eccentric living but also their eagerness to celebrate it.

There's More Than Just A Pool

What makes this house a veritable wonder is not just the splashy entrance. Beyond the pool, it's a mine of unique features waiting to be discovered and adored. The property houses a four-stall horse barn, adding a rustic charm to the modern eccentricities. Overlooking meticulously manicured gardens stands a gazebo, offering the perfect nook for quiet introspection or lively social gatherings. In essence, it is a dream residence for those who enjoy a perfect blend of quirk and beauty.

This unconventional Raleigh home has set a new benchmark for architectural imagination in the realm of real estate. Check out the photo gallery of this home below.

This Strange North Carolina Home Has A Pool In The Weirdest Place

This distinctive 3-bedroom house, located next to Umstead Park in North Carolina, stands on a generous 2.55-acre plot and could be an outstanding property with some careful restoration.

The house, covering approximately 3,576 square feet, has a striking design that features a large indoor pool situated at the center of the residence. On entering the home, you're met by a spacious foyer/atrium with this full-size pool, an incredible design feature.

The house includes 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, an office, and a media room. For those who are fond of horses, there's a horse barn comprising 4 stalls, a half bathroom, extensive storage space, and a large loft. A two-car garage gives plentiful parking and additional storage.

Outside, you'll find a sizeable deck and gazebo overlooking beautifully maintained gardens. Being situated near Umstead Park offers the advantage of 10 miles of horse riding trails and various options for cycling including mountain biking.

Other benefits include easy access to RDU Airport, Angus Barn, Crabtree Valley Mall, and REX Hospital. There's a land survey available and the property is R-2 zoned, opening up the possibility for expansion. The property also has the potential to connect to the city's water and sewer systems.

3 bedroom 4 bath, 3,576 sqft
7913 Ebenezer Church Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612
Sold $680,000
Sold on 11/21/23


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