Niabi Zoo is looking for two North American badgers after they escaped their exhibit at the zoo.

According to a news release, zoo staff say the pair were not in their enclosure in the Biodiversity Hall on the morning of October 4. Badgers are native to this region and do not pose a threat to the public, domestic animals or the environment.

Zoo staff are taking steps to bring the badgers home and ask the public not to search for the badgers. If you should encounter a badger, don't try to touch or capture them, but call  Niabi Zoo at 309-799-3482.

According to a KWQC-TV report, zoo director Lee Jackson is confident they'll find the duo. He says badgers are not deemed a risk to people, domestic animals or the environment.

Badgers are best-known for their digging skills and ability to burrow into compact dirt. The solitary animals are most active at night.
There are no distinguishable markings on the badgers that were in the zoo. The pair are fully immunized and chipped.

Hopefully they aren't on their way to the UW-Madison.

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