Former NFL running back Rashad Jennings was a part of the newest episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, and his performance not only is making headlines, but might have made history - for all the wrong reasons.

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Competing against other NFL players Marcellus Wiley and Jared Allen, Rashad was no stranger to being on a game show. In 2017, Rashad was a part of Dancing With The Stars, and actually went on to be the champion. So, with the TV experience he has, you'd think he'd be able to come in and sweep the game with no problem.

The puzzle that came up under the category of "Rhyme," was missing just one letter.


Barstool Sports via TikTok
Barstool Sports via TikTok

The answer was obviously supposed to be "Driving to Reno With Quentin Tarantino," a nod to the multi-award winning director behind films like Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, Django Unchainedand most recently, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.


There was one letter left, and it was the Q of Quentin's name. So, Rashad confidently guessed the last letter to solve the puzzle.

"P!" Rashad said.

Guy's name is Quentin, not Puentin.

Of course, the buzzer went off as the audience let out an audibly disappointed "Awww," and Pat told him he was incorrect.

Some are giving Rashad the benefit of the doubt, saying being on TV is nerve wracking - however others are quick to point out that he took part in an entire season of Dancing With The Stars.

Others are saying they're sure his coach is happy - because not knowing who Quentin Tarantino is implies he focuses on the game, not on watching movies.

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