Apparently, there's some type of grass in other parts of the globe called Elymus Repens, and it's prominently known as Couch Grass. It's also apparently pronounced as 'Cooch,' and unfortunately for one news anchor, can sound like she was talking about something else.

Allison Langdon and Karl Stefanovic of Today Queensland were interviewing some landscapers about warm-weather lawn care, and Ally asked them how she could take care of her grass that seemed to be on its way out.

"My cooch is dying," she said as Karl Stefanovic begins wheezing as he tries to laugh to himself, covering his face with his hand.

Step-Meme via YouTube
Step-Meme via YouTube

"What have you been doing to it, if it's dying?" The young landscaper asked, as the older of the two can be seen trying to not to laugh himself.

“Well, the dog pees all over it,” Ally answered, as Karl tried to get himself off-screen while he laughed uncontrollably.

Step-Meme via YouTube
Step-Meme via YouTube

“Try to keep the dog off it ...” the landscaper told Ally. “And yeah, you’ll probably see results.”

Karl is now snorting and laughing out loud. Ally goes on to ask "Did I pick the wrong lawn, considering I have a dog?"

“No, cooch is good considering if it’s going to be raining on it. Cooch has got really good wear and tear tolerance, so it can recover quickly," the young landscaper says.

Now laughing herself, Ally says "So the dog's gotta go. To save the cooch."

Background laughter can be heard coming from the staff at this point.

"That's probably the best segment ever. We’ll have more great stuff after this break ... if we’re still on-air.”

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