Seagulls can be a huge nuisance to beach goers, especially if there's food around. But you'd think they'd be able to show a little bit gratefulness if their life had just been saved.

Robert Tahau from Whakatane, New Zealand found an injured bird sitting on the side of the road. It had a broken wing, so he scooped up the seagull and wrapped it in a t-shirt. "My plan was to take it back to Whakatane where I live," he told NZHerald. "But by the time I got home everything was closed down - the vet and SPCA - so I thought I'd put him in a box with a blanket overnight."

He shot video of the rescue to show his friends. When Robert was describing the situation, the gull up and pecked him in the face.

The plan to take the bird to the veterinarian happened too late. The bird passed away while left in a box with food and water.

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