Devin Custalow from Brooklyn, New York is looking for love in a missed connection she had with a man on a train. She's hoping this new campaign will help her out.

Partnered with MGM Park, she posted a 20-foot billboard with a Craigslist-style missed connection ad. It's all dedicated to "Yellow shoes guy on the G train."

Devin and her roommate were returning home when they spotted the man who continually made eye contact with the lovelorn woman. After flirting with each other with their eyes for a while, the two were separated.

Shortly after the incident, Devin posted her ad to Craiglist. Park MGM caught wind of the missed connection and to help, they posted the ad a mural with instructions to "meet here on Valentine's Day, 2/14 at 1:00 p.m."

Will the yellow shoes man show? The casino will be livestreaming the possible reunion on their Facebook page.

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