Have you ever had a fear of getting onto an amusement park ride? You just couldn't shake the feeling that something would go horribly wrong. What if the ride broke down mid-ride? What if you got stuck upside down? The more you thought about it, the more your mind conjured up terrifying scenarios.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

What about the thought of the spinning ride never stopping? What if it just kept going, faster and faster, with no way to make it stop?

Fortunately for these New York citizens, it did stop... After 10 minutes of misery.

New York Ride Malfunction

Recently, a Music Express ride at Rye Playland suffered a malfunction, causing it to spin backward for a period of 10 minutes. In a TikTok video of the incident, concerned employees and park visitors were seen watching helplessly from the sidelines.



Onlookers can be heard shouting things like, “It’s stuck!” “That’s crazy!” “This is why you don’t get on these rides!” and “That’s a lawsuit!”

Ride operators attempted to stop the ride using the emergency brake but to no avail. Maintenance crews were eventually called in to disconnect the power, resulting in a round of applause from relieved onlookers.


Kids are seen crying when getting off the ride and parents are furious to see such chaos.

Following the incident, the general manager of Rye Playland, Jeff Davis, emphasized the park's commitment to safety, stating that the Music Express ride will remain closed as they work closely with the manufacturer. Luckily, no injuries were reported.


Rye Playland, the first planned amusement park in the country, opened its doors in 1928.

Other Recent Malfunctions

It's at least the third story we've seen recently about rides malfunctioning.  Earlier this month, eight people in Wisconsin got stuck upside down on a rollercoaster.  And one in North Carolina got shut down after someone saw a huge crack in a support beam.  Now it turns out there were two cracks.



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