I like to think that some day we'll get back to the days where a kid could open a lemonade stand without busybody reporting them to the Health Department.

Last Friday an official with the Department of Health in New York was checking vendor permits inside the Saratoga County Fairgrounds. For whatever reason, four of those vendors decided to complain about 7-year-old Brendan Mulvaney's lemonade stand which was located down the street.

The DoH official classified the stand as a vendor because it was more organized than a normal child-ran lemonade stand. Brendan had a laminated sign and sold lemonade, water, soda, and sno-cones. The stand was then shut down because it did not have the proper permit.

"They have a permit for reason you know that permit makes them subject to inspection you know it's really for safety purposes,” a spokesman for the DoH said. The permits cost $30 and are good for a year.

Read more at Albany Times Union.

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