Val Kilmer is making a return as Iceman in the newest trailer for Paramount's Top Gun: Maverick, and apparently, he's the reason Maverick is a teacher now, raising the awesome for this movie even more.


In the trailer, the newest class of the Navy's top pilots is naturally cocky about who they wonder their teacher will be. Of course, this is when Maverick walks in.

Jon Hamm appears as Admiral Cyclone, who tells Maverick his reputation isn't why he's there.

“You are here at the request of Admiral Kazansky, aka Iceman,” he says coldly, as the footage gives a quick shot of present day Kilmer. “He seems to think that you have something left to offer the Navy. What that is, I can’t imagine.”

Maverick and his new crew are setting out on a mission, which according to a guy named Hangman, is “combat on a level no living pilot’s ever seen” — including Maverick.

The eerie is sealed by a clip of Maverick, saying “Someone’s not coming back from this.”

It looks like the movie is going to be littered by hostility of Bradley Bradshaw, or Rooster, who's played by Miles Teller (Whip Lash, War Dogs, Project X). He's Goose's son, and he tells Maverick he doesn't trust him at all because of what happened to his dad, or whatever.

Top Gun: Maverick hits theaters on May 27th.

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