Tacos, despite having a strong cultural significance seem to be universally loved!  Tacos have the nostalgia of being comfort food that reminds them of growing up.  Tacos have the versatility that allows you to personalize each one to taste & preference. Tacos are accessible to everyone with any economic background or budget.

Overall, tacos are more than just a food – they are a source of personal enjoyment and connection.  One (me) might call them a "super food".


Finding the Perfect Taco Joint

What makes a great taco place?  You want it to be unique so it's something you can't get anywhere else.  Quality ingredients are a must, but the ambiance is just as important. You want your new favorite taco place to have a cool vibe where you don't mind bringing the family but aren't embarrassed to take your friends.

Location, location, location.  A taco joint in a prime location can make it a destination for those who are looking for a convenient and accessible dining experience.  Say...maybe downtown Davenport next to a couple of really cool bars.

taco sauce
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Introducing Dam Tacos

Dam Tacos is a restaurant opening up next to The Dam View on 2nd Street in Downtown Davenport. If you remember going to Ragged Records or Trash Can Annies before they moved after the flood, this is it.

I'm sure this was quite an undertaking and I can't wait to see what they've done with the place. Looks like we will have to wait a little bit though.  March 2023 is the goal to open Dam Tacos.

We don't know exactly what the menu will look like or what their specialty will be...but a place called "Dam Tacos" has my vote of confidence from the get-go.

Dam Taco's Are Coming to Downtown Davenport

Here's a quick look!

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