As things orbit in and out of our attention span, we can sometimes miss the subtle changes, if not lose touch completely of subjects that once meant so much to us. The latest chapter in BYU-TV's 'Turning Point' documentary series brilliantly refreshes our memory, and reminds us why The Sparkle Effect landed at the perfect time and place.

When my daughter Katie joined the Sparkles at Pleasant Valley High School, she became part of a movement that has been paying her dividends ever since. Katie's place on that first team, and and her successes that followed, made her a great spokesperson for the "Sparkle Effect" of helping others shine.

Now closing in on 200 teams across the country and around the world, the "Effect" of that first Sparkles squad is pronounced. The crew of this doc shows not just the flowery part of kids helping kids, but also how the The Sparkle Effect meticulously planted their own grass roots helping other schools sew the seeds of inclusion. I'm very proud to know that The Quad Cities fostered this kind of project.

The documentary aired September 12th, and it's accessible online through BYU-TV. If you missed it, click here to watch.

The documentary opens with me talking about Katie's journey, but please watch it anyway. This is a group to be proud of, a movement to get behind, and I will be forever grateful to Sarah Cronk and her desire to change the status quo.

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