We've all been there, you buy a very expensive sports jersey, and before you've even gotten a salsa stain on it, that player gets traded, suffers a career-ending injury, or just suddenly becomes terrible.

It used to be that you were out of luck, not to mention a ton of money. But not anymore.

A subscription service just launched called Rep the Squad and it basically allows you to rent high-quality sports jerseys. You can keep it as long as you want, and whenever you want a change, you mail it back, and another one is sent to you a few days later. Just like how Netflix does their DVDs.

An adult subscription costs $19.95 a month and a youth one costs $16.95. That isn't cheap, but it includes all shipping and cleaning costs. And you can stop any time you want, by returning your jersey and deactivating your account.

If you want to keep the jersey permanently, they'll sell it to you for a discounted price. You know, since it's used. That way, if your kid loves the jersey he got, you don't have to keep paying the monthly subscription indefinitely.

Rep the Squad just launched earlier this month, so for now they only have NFL jerseys and only for three teams: The Seattle Seahawks, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Detroit Lions.

Not exactly the cream of the crop, but at least they were smart enough not to launch with the L.A. Rams, the Buffalo Bills, and the Cleveland Browns.

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