A new year means a new menu for the Blue Cat Brewing Company.  I've been talking to head brewer, Charlie Cole about this major transition for months now and his excitement is contagious.

The big plan was to finally release the new menu today, January 4th but due to some unforeseen circumstances it'll have to be pushed back just a wee bit.  But don't worry.  All this week, The Blue Cat is going to have a dual menu thing going on.  Some of the old and a bunch of the new until they can get all 4 wheels on the ground next week.

The Blue Cat will have a host of brand new dishes & appetizers including the Scotch Egg, Pot Roast, Cat Fish, and a pretzel the size of your head.

I can't wait to see what sort of beer pairings Charlie comes up with for the new food and new beer at the Blue Cat.  He was sipping on a Count Dooku, a Belgian Strong Ale that pairs well with the pot roast that you can get at The Blue Cat

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