A new documentary and accompanying live album will chronicle Jimi Hendrix’s famous 1970 visit to Hawaii.

Music, Money, Madness ... Jimi Hendrix In Maui will be released on Nov. 20. The film - which features never-before-seen archival footage, along with newly shot interviews - centers on the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s involvement in the polarizing motion picture Rainbow Bridge.

At this point in his career, Hendrix was already a certified superstar thanks to three successful LPs and a reputation as one of rock’s most dynamic performers. Sold-out shows and headlining festival sets were the norm, as the iconic guitarist seemed poised for a long and influential career.

Hendrix’s manager, Michael Jeffrey, envisioned his client in a counterculture movie along the lines of Easy Rider. He recruited director Chuck Wein and selected the gorgeous setting of Maui, determined to put together a hippie movie on enlightenment. Instead, what he got was what one critic described as "undoubtedly the dumbest hippie movie ever made."

Without professional actors - or any semblance of a storyline - the project quickly devolved into nonsensical footage of yoga, surfing and tai chi. Its only saving grace was 17 minutes worth of footage featuring Hendrix performing in front of the dormant Haleakala volcano.

You can watch the trailer for Music, Money, Madness ... Jimi Hendrix In Maui below.

The legendary guitarist died on Sept. 18, 1970. Rainbow Bridge wouldn’t be released until more than a year later, and its accompanying soundtrack didn't feature any of the music recorded during the Maui concert. Fans will finally get to hear these performances in their entirety.

Live in Maui will be released alongside Music, Money, Madness and will feature Hendrix’s two Maui sets spread across two CDs or three vinyl LPs. You can see the full track listing below.

“Jimi loved adventure, and there was certainly no shortage of it during his time in Hawaii, a place he also loved,” Janie Hendrix, Jimi's sister and one of the documentary’s producers, remarked in a press release. “The backstory of Rainbow Bridge and these recordings paint a picture of Jimi’s uncanny ability to turn the bizarre into something amazing. We’re excited about this release because it gives the world a closer look at Jimi’s genius.”

You can watch Hendrix's July 30, 1970, performance of “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” below. The documentary and live album are available for pre-order now.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience, ‘Live In Maui’ Track Listing
CD1 (First Show)
1. Chuck Wein Introduction
2. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)
3. In From The Storm
4. Foxey Lady
5. Hear My Train A-Comin'
6. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
7. Fire
8. Purple Haze
9. Spanish Castle Magic
10. Lover Man
11. Message to Love

CD2 (Second Show)
1. Dolly Dagger
2. Villanova Junction
3. Ezy Ryder
4. Red House
5. Freedom
6. Jam Back at the House
7. Straight Ahead
8. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)/Midnight Lightning
9. Stone Free


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