Back in the day, Dwyer and I would would find the largest pumpkin in the Quad Cities and pay the grower a dollar per pound. We had to stop when the gourds tipped the scales over 1,000 pounds.

It's a good thing we did, because pumpkins like this would cause us to go broke in no time.

Steve Geddes of Boscawen, New Hampshire just grew the heaviest pumpkin in American history. He beat the old record by 165 pounds, his gourd weighs in at 2,528 pounds. The pumpkin also netted Steve a cool $6,000 at a growing championship event last week.

He just missed the Guinness World Record for the biggest pumpkin in the world. A farmer in Belgium set that record back in 2016 with a pumpkin that weighed 2,625 pounds.

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