We already know that elephants are insanely smart animals. They can balance, they can do tricks, and they can even paint. Well, they've learned a new trick... one of the criminal variety.

Video that blew up on Twitter over the weekend shows an elephant who has figured out that it can stop traffic by simply walking into the road before the targeted vehicle gets to the elephant.

MacrodosingPod via Twitter
MacrodosingPod via Twitter

In three separate instances, the elephant stands on the side of the road in Thailand and waits for a truck transporting sugarcane, which it stops.

The elephant then moves to the side of the truck and grabs a few pieces of sugarcane to snack on. As soon as the beast moves off the road, the truck moves on down the line.

attachment-elephant robbery

The truck drivers stay still while the elephant pulls the food it wants off the back of the truck as if this happens all the time. Almost as if this highway just has a toll stop, run by this 3-4 ton behemoth.

I'm glad we don't have elephants here, because one stepping out onto the road to steal from me is something I wouldn't want to deal with.

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