Some things in life are just worth spending a little extra money on. I'm as cheap as they come and I agree, sometimes you just have to suck it up and open your wallet.

There are two everyday items that I will NEVER skimp on: batteries and tape.

Name brand batteries hold their charge longer and are generally more reliable in my experience. If we're doing a gig somewhere, it's absolutely necessary that our wireless mics work.

Then there's tape. For some reason generic brand tape never tears right and doesn't seem to have the adhesive ability that name brand tape has.

Here's what listeners say to never go cheap on:

  • Hair color – Stylists have way more experience than you do and you won't end up with mis-colored hair.
  • Hotels – It's worth paying extra to avoid staying at some shady, bug-invested motel.
  • Mattresses – A good mattress can all but eliminate chronic back pain.
  • Wedding DJ / Photographer – If you DJ is bad, the whole night could be ruined and a good photographer will catch all the moments you want to remember.
  • Boots / Shoes – This is especially important if you spend most of your day on your feet.
  • Tattoos – They're permanent, pay the premium so you have some quality work on your skin.
  • Condoms – Probably don't have to explain this one.
  • Toilet Paper – Ever use single-ply? Yeah, that's what I thought.
  • Nose Tissues – There's nothing worse than having a running nose and then drying it out with cheap tissues.

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