It's all in a name, right?

There's a nail salon in Sandusky, OH whose tongue-in-cheek name is making area residents angry. Zoning director, Megan Sherlund, says that business signs should not have text or graphics that are obscene or indecent in nature.

The salon's owner, Dawn Moon, says the name for the salon was a no-brainer when she came up with the business name for her nail salon.

"You don't want something that they can't remember or that they can't pronounce or say," Moon told 13 ABC. "If you go in and get your nose done, it's called a nose job right? Well you come in and get your hands done it's a hand job! "It really is what we do, we work on hands all day every day."

It makes perfect sense to me.

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It’s all in the name, baby 💅🏾 #HandJobs #NailSalon #WhatsInAName #MarketingGenius #WTF #SeriouslyWTF #WTFWednesday

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