I can't believe the letter I got in the mail today. Or rather, my wife got, from the company she last rented a car from in Arizona. The car that left her stranded an hour and a half from the airport she was returning the car to, before her flight.

So she called the service number, the agency told her to leave the car, and that they would come and pick it up, reimburse her for the remainder of her trip to the airport via LYFT, and gave her a case number in case there were any other questions.

Well, obviously she didn't have any--she barely made it to her flight but made it home, and promptly moved on with her life.

Not so much the rental agency, who apparently still thinks she's joyriding around Arizona. The letter sent to us threatened her with "..Felony Grand Theft Auto Charges.." among other agency involvement.

My wife must be pretty badass, because they mentioned legal action 4 times. 4 freaking times. For a car that left her stranded, that they told her to leave behind, and that they said they'd take care of themselves.

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I mean, do they not know where this car is? Is it just sitting in the parking lot where she left it? Was it impounded as an abandoned vehicle? Is there some poor sap out there driving a car that's marked as stolen?

So, I suppose the next question to ask here is, how do we go about getting sizing of prison jumpsuits, because it sounds like she's going to need it.

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