My original plan was a good one.  After a St. Patrick's Day weekend full of live music from both sides of the river, on the river, and at the fairgrounds, I was going to bring my gal out to the Hawkeye Sunday the 17th for a great, and early, Jake McVey show to put a cap on the holiday weekend.  Well, that's all still a go.  The Quad Cities offers a great challenge for those who like to throw down on St. Patrick's Day.  The Kelly's celebration outside the Front Street TapHouse, in only it's second year, will offer some great local bands.  Also in it's sophomore year, The Mississippi Valley Fair offers a great party too. No cover, and the skydiving Leprachauns.  Who knew those little buggers liked jumping from perfectly good aircraft?  Kavanaugh's at the top of the hill in Rock Island, and Steve's Old Time at the bottom all bring out the Shenanigans and great music under giant tents, just like in St. Patrick envisioned it hundreds of years ago!

Heck, all this is on top of the Parade bars, and Mac's, and the 5k.  Adding to the lunacy downtown Davenport this year will be Rock Of Ages, the former broadway show that will add volume to any Irish hangover on Sunday.

Me?  Just hanging at Jake McVey with some friends at the Hawkeye.  Show starts at 5.  Then I was going to turn in and catch up on some sleep lost to Irish Car Bombs.

Then I heard the new Queensryche album, The Verdict.  Now my St. Patrick's Sunday will include their show at the Rhythm City Casino.  Holy moly is this album powerful!  Queensryche fans are familiar with the bloody split with original singer and sometime songwriter Geoff Tate.  The legal wrangling that took place following would be enough to kill a lesser band.  But somehow Tate and the other original 3 original members (Michael WiltonScott Rockenfield, Eddie Jackson) continued to make music separately, but both under the name Queeensryche (Chris DeGarmo, the other original member, had previously left the band.)

It was a mess for awhile.  And eventually, an accord was reached.  And the Queensryche name continued with its' original three, with the current lineup adding longtime friend Parker Lundgren, and vocalist Todd La Torre.

La Torre is the replacement they chose from the moment Tate was released from the band, and he has been waiting for a quality album like this to match his abilities.  The Verdict belongs with the the best of Queensryche's offerings.  At once frighteningly fast, and dark, and introspective, La Torre has material that lets him scream and brood, constructing  a chain mail sound on the albums' latest single, Blood of the Levant.

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Do yourself a favor, Queensryche fans--don't miss this show, Sunday night at Rhythm City.  Tickets are few. Slainte!

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