My 13 year old daughter told me last night that she thought I've "been having too much fun lately". She literally said that to me.

"I feel like you've been having too much fun lately".

I held back the thought of "I had fun every night before you came along."

In her defense, it does seem like I've been going out more these days.  But it's not always for "fun".  Many times it's for work!

  • I had to remind her that on Saturday, I wasn't out "partying"...I was "working" (i.e. playing in a band in a bar drinking beer)
  • The weekend previous, I wasn't JUST at a St. Paddy's Day Party drinking Guinness, I was "working!"

So, it's not just the fact that I've been "working"...we've seen a couple of cool shows and now that she's a responsible 13 year old I have no problem leaving her for a couple hours.

Anyway, they did a study on how old your kid has to be before they can babysit a sibling for an hour or two?  YouGov did a poll, and the #1 answer was 12 years old.  That's also the age when most experts say it's okay.

Most states don't have a specific age when kids can babysit.  But for states that do, it's usually between 8 and 12 years old.  Illinois currently has the strictest age limit for babysitters at 14.

So, we may be going out more.  Call it the post-covid cabin fever?  Or call it "you're old enough so stop guilting me into staying home when you're perfectly capable of babysitting."

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