As someone who's spent some time recently in a grave yard honoring those that we've lost this is particularly hard to see.

Greenwood Cemetery in Muscatine, IA apparently has been hit by some disrespectful punks with a penchant for spray paint and a love of penises.

If anyone has any information regarding this please contact the Muscatine PD.

In a post on Facebook, Emilee Marler writes:

Our friends (Chrisy and Seth Burdick) sent me these photos last night as they were driving through Greenwood Cemetery in Muscatine and I was so angry. I called the non-emergency hotline and the officer told me in a very official voice if I was talking about "the one with the giant penis" it was already resolved. That was the only humorous moment about this whole thing.


We even drove up there to see the graffiti and it is really heartbreaking to think this was done right after Memorial Day. It's not just on these four headstones. Who is going to clean this? Can it even be fully removed? I'm posting this to raise awareness that preserving history is so important and that you can volunteer on cemetery clean up days. Also, if you're out exploring please be respectful and take care of the graves while you're there. You can't replace history.

I couldn't imagine being in a position to have to clean up vandalism on a loved ones grave site.  Kids will be kids...but this is ridiculous.

And I think we can all agree it's not even a good picture of a penis. They need to practice on their friends Trapper Keeper like the rest of us did.


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