Over a year ago, pictures of a gingerbread-flavored soda with Mountain Dew branding started popping up online, but nothing was ever confirmed, until now.

Mountain Dew Gingerbread Snap'd is on its way, with the description of “DEW with a Blast of Artificial Gingerbread Flavor” written across the bottle. Of course, the label is as festive as you can get with icing, gingerbread man, and Santa hats.

"Pop open a bottle and cozy up to a citrusy scene of holiday nostalgia with a warm, sugary scent of fresh-baked gingerbread that’s sure to put your Aunt Tina’s cookies to shame," the company wrote in a press release.

Mountain Dew hasn't confirmed an actual date for release of the new soda, but obviously it'll be here before Christmas, so keep your stockings on.

This drink will be in addition to the Mountain Dew Merry Mash-Up, making for a few options this holiday season.

Mountain Dew Gingerbread Snap'd is a great addition to the over 40 variations of the soda.

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