Motley Crue will release a 30th anniversary edition of their Girls, Girls, Girls album on Aug. 25.

There's not much info out there about the reissue right now -- no artwork, no track listing and no details about what will be included on the new LP -- other than a 45-second clip on the band's Facebook page that announced the release.

Motley Crue also used the Facebook post to commemorate the album's 30th anniversary today and a promise that they'll "be celebrating all year long!" with "more surprises coming up this year."

The band played what it claimed was its final show on Dec. 31, 2015.

The clip touts the album's four-times-platinum sales and the fact that the stripper-heavy video for the title track was banned by MTV back in the day. Girls, Girls, Girls -- the band's fourth album -- reached No. 2 in 1987, a run-up to the No. 1 showing of 1989's Dr. Feelgood, their only chart-topper.

The LP fired off two singles: the title song, which made it to No. 12, and the power ballad "You're All I Need," which stalled at No. 83. The album also included "Wild Side," the opening cut, which became one of the group's most popular songs even though it was never released as a single.

Girls, Girls, Girls, in addition to being a landmark album in the band's career, is a fan favorite because of the way it played up the quartet's bad-boy reputation with songs about drugs, booze, bikes and lots of girls.

The band's official website now features a mailing-list signup that promises more info on how fans "can be a part of celebrating 30 years of Girls, Girls, Girls," along with a reminder to "visit the official Motley Crue store."

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