A teenager in Texas has earned the nicknamed the "El Paso Ferris Bueller" and his mom doled out a punishment that's straight out of 1986.

14-year-old Aaron Martinez disconnected the WiFi in his home last week to disable the security cameras his mother had put up and then stole her BMW. This isn't the first time he's stolen a car either, his mom used the cameras to keep tabs on him.

A parent of a friend of Aaron's saw him and tipped the mom off. His older sister went home and confirmed the car was gone. After a few calls, they pinpointed his location and headed to the home of a girl he was visiting.

The mom and sister spotted him on the road while driving to get the car. The mother started screaming at him to pull over, then she beat him with a belt about a half-dozen times.

Aaron was grounded, lost his electronics, and his bedroom door was taken off its hinges.

His sister did a followup video with Aaron:

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