Have you ever tried those Zombie Skittles? I bought them by accident, thinking it was just a Halloween decor of the bag. Once I found the Zombie Skittle, a piece of me died inside.

Emily Massingill made the same mistake with her kids, making them eat the Skittles for nearly a month before finding out about the bad one, until she experienced it herself.

The single piece tastes like “54 dirty diapers in the garbage," according to Emily. She did what any mom would, and told her kids to stop complaining when they told her they didn't like the Skittles.

"They kept telling me they didn’t like the skittles, and I told them to either eat them or they wouldn’t get any more candy ever again if they’re gonna be ungrateful," which is understandable from a parent's standpoint.

I always had to tell my kids, "don't tell me you don't like it when you just want something else."

Luckily for Emily, these are individually packaged bags, and trick-or-treat is next week.

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