This guy picked the wrong woman flash.

Authorities are looking to identify a man who exposed himself to a woman jogging in Cambridge, MA last week.

The mom, a 35-year-old former member of the Israeli military only going by the name of Aia, was out jogging and listening to an audio book when the man passed her and exposed his genitals twice to her.

Surveillance video obtained from the area showed the woman stop, turn around and pursue the man and attempt to physically detain him.

"He picked the wrong victim," she told Patch. "All I want is for women to stand up for themselves and for passersby to get involved."

“This is a choice. Do you want to be a victim and throw a pity party? How miserable I am, look what happened to me, nobody helped me,” she said. “I want to speak out, I want people to know that you have a choice.”

The man, who has yet to be identified, managed to escape her grasp after she had chased him down, grabbed his wrists and tried to call 911.

Read more at NBC 10 - Boston.

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