Last night, a call was made to the Moline Police Department about some trespassers at South Park Mall.

With assistance from the Moline Fire Department, Moline PD was able to successfully remove the underage trespassers without incident and return them to their nearby home where they would wait for their mother.

Of course, the trespassers were "5 ducklings wandering around the parking lot at SouthPark Mall"

Officer McClaughlin was pictured grabbing the ducklings and placing them in a paper bag to transport them to the nearby creek they most likely came from.

"He found out that a policeman’s job is not all its quacked up to be!" One commenter on the department's Facebook post said.

"First there's a herd of geese on the 74 bridge - and now this??" Another said, "Seriously, there's a lot of fowl play going on in Moline lately.''

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